Introduction to ECFIT

ECFIT is a strength training system designed specifically for specific needs of the endurance community.  Whether you are a novice or an elite endurance athlete there is an ECFIT Training Plan for you.

Erin Carson, CSCS Head Coach

Erin Carson, CSCS

Head Coach

Erin Carson is the creator and driving force of ECFIT.  As a strength and conditioning specialist for more than 20 years Erin’s training strategies have a proven track in keeping athletes healthy and strong.


Erin works every day with athletes of every age and ability however it is the specific work she has done with some of the World’s most successful endurance athletes that have led to the creation of the ECFIT System.  When you can see the World’s best athletes get even better you know that a beautiful synergy is occurring between the sport specific coach and the strength coach.


Find a strength training program suited for your specific training requirements.