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Having trouble finding a user friendly program? One with videos of every exercise? We have you covered.

Erin Carson works directly with many of the world's best triathletes, cyclists, and runners in Boulder, Colorado. She has developed a program that is now available worldwide through TrainingPeaks. ECFIT prepares your body for the rigors of endurance training, allowing you to push your body to new, unforeseen limits. The program includes videos of every exercise, suggested amount of sets, repetitions, and rest intervals. Everything you need to train like a pro in your home gym or at your local health club.


The best champions require the best strength and stability. Here are a few quotes from notable athletes.

"Erin Carson's strength training system is unlike anything I have ever done before. Doing these exercises twice a week allows my coach to push me even hard in my swim, bike, and run disciplines. It is great for injury prevention and gives my body the balance that training for triathlons takes away from it." 

- Mirinda Carfrae

3 Time Kona World Ironman Champion

Working with Erin helped me develop the strength and mobility that is necessary for racing and riding well on my bike. Once I started working with Erin, I felt way more stable and found I was recovering faster and getting injured less. After a long day of travel or race, I always try to throw in some mobility or “WD40” exercises to make sure I can recover faster and be back to my best self quicker. The work I did with Erin in the fall / winter 2015/2016 was so crucial in my ability to break the hour record. I was in a very aggressive aero position and it took a lot of work on my overall strength and mobility to stay in that position and put out the power!

Evie Stevens

Hour World Record Holder / 2012 & 2016 USA Olympian

"You can produce all the power in the world but if you don't have the core stability and strength to transfer that power to the pedals who cares?"

- Kiel Reijnen

Team UHC Professional Cyclist


"The longer I race triathlons for a living the more I realize how crucial strength and mobility are to racing and training success. On top of that, a good strength program is in my opinion one of the best injury preventions. Working with someone like Erin who has the knowledge and experience to design an endurance specific program makes it all that much more effective."

- Cameron Dye

3x LifeTime Series Champion


"I've been a competitive athlete most of my life, but it wasn't until age 55 that I added a crucial component to my training--functional strength. I started working with Erin in the spring of 2013, and in our time together, she's helped me to an age-group 70.3 World Championship (2013), 3 silver medals at the London ITU World Championships (2013), and a division win at the 2014 Ironman World Championships. Erin's strength training is a vital component to my training program, especially as I continue competing in the "mature" age groups!"

-Ellen Hart

Age Group World Champion

"Since I started working with Erin in 2014, I feel like a completely different athlete. I’m more stable and powerful, and able to back up multiple hard training sessions without breaking down. Erin’s program is specific for endurance training, and her periodization into different phases of the year allows me to improve throughout each season. It’s not only about becoming stronger, but also increasing mobility, becoming agile and stable in multiple planes of movement. I value my time spent with Erin, she is a key part of my team as I train to compete with the world’s best."

- Paula Findlay

2012 Olympian and 2011 World #1

"Committing to ECFIT strength and conditioning over the last two years has helped my performance more than I could have expected! The gym work we do is one of the most valued sessions of my week. Keeping on top of things in the gym has helped me stay injury free and race consistently at a high level. This enabled me to win my first ITU World Triathlon Series World Title in 2016. It would not have been possible without the help of ECFIT. Strength + Mobility = Speed!" 

- Flora Duffy

2016 ITU World Champion

2014 & 2015 XTerra World Champion

2015 Cross Triathlon World Champion



Your strength training plan is meant to supplement your swimming, biking, and running. Sessions are best performed directly after a hard session on the bike or run. The timing of the session is important so you do not interrupt your body's recovery process. Preferably sessions will have two "rest days" in-between (ie: Wednesday/Saturday).

Our strength training plans are compatible with TrainingPeaks and can be uploaded straight to your training calendar. When you purchase our strength training plan it will automatically apear in your program as a Wednesday/Saturday strength schedule. If those days do not work with your training plan, simply click and drag into two days that work for you!


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